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Canadian educators networking for excellence in simulation education and research.



The Canadian Alliance of Nursing Educators using Simulation (CAN-Sim) connects nurse educators and allied health partners from across Canada to share knowledge, resources and expertise in areas of simulation research and education.  CAN-Sim serves as a forum for collaboration, partnership, and networking throughout Canada.


Strategic Priorities

To support collaboration between nurse educators in simulation design and integration in the context of nursing and interdisciplinary teams.

To enhance expertise in evidence-based simulation teaching and learning.

To enhance simulation-based learning through the sharing of scenarios and resources between members.

To implement strategies that promote the development, application, and dissemination of simulation research.

To support a continuum of research activities to assist and sustain research among nursing and related healthcare educators.


Can-Sim proudly endorses the following Standards, Guidelines and Competencies.


CASN: Practice Domain for Baccalaureate Nursing Education: Guidelines for Clinical Placements and Simulation
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INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation
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