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CAN-Sim is proud to provide access to our Virtual Simulation Games for Pre-simulation Preparation Series.  These short VSGs were developed by Ontario nurse educators which align with full in-person peer-reviewed scenarios.  All resources can be accessed via the links below. 

Topic: Care of the elderly patient – Urosepsis

Description: Elderly patient transferred from the ER department with 2 day history of increasing confusion and agitation.  Mr. Sarazin has a urinary catheter insitu to treat urinary retention from an enlarged prostate.  The patient requires assessment and treatment with possible transfer to a critical care unit as his condition deteriorates. 

Prerequisite learner competencies include: 

  • Care of the patient with UTI/urosepsis
  • Pharmacology of antibiotics
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Care of the patient with delirium
  • Pathophysiology, risk factors, and treatment of UTI/urosepsis

Virtual Simulation Game (VSG): Click here  (English)

In-person scenario: Click here

Pre-simulation Preparation Learner Package: Click here

Learning Outcomes Rubric: Click here

Suggested Audience: Nursing (Medical-Surgical)

Access: Free

This product is available for public use under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommerical 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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