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CAN-Sim Webinar Series

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Establishing Psychological Safety In Simulation – Click Here To Access Video
Presented by: Dr. Nicole Harder and Sufia Turner
Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Manitoba

Psychological involves “a feeling or climate whereby the learner can feel valued and comfortable yet still speak up and take risks without fear of retribution, embarrassment, judgment or consequences either to themselves or others, thereby promoting learning and innovation” (Turner & Harder, 2018).  In the new era of simulation-based education, it is important to ensure psychological safety.  This webinar will explore the origins of psychological safety and how it applies to nursing simulation-based learning opportunities, identify the antecedents and attributes of psychological safety, and discuss the importance of ensuring psychological safety for the learning to optimize learning.

Additional resources discussed in webinar: Pre-brief Checklist – Click here

Preparing for the CHSE Exam – Click Here To Access Video
Presented by: Andrew Spain

Director of Certification for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare

As Director of Certification for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Andrew has been a Paramedic for 27 years doing both ground and air ambulance work.  This evolved into directing an EMS Education program for five years prior to coming to SSH.  He has an MA in Political Science and is currently working on his dissertation for a PhD in Education at the University of Missouri (emphasis in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis). The SSH developed the certification process for educators focused on healthcare simulation. This webinar provides an overview of the exam and related requirements to sit for the exam.