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William (Bill) Carter is a 56 year old male who was admitted to the general surgery unit yesterday following an uncomplicated umbilical hernia repair. His condition has been stable overnight and his pain is controlled. Vital signs are within normal limits(T 36.2 C, HR 56, RR 14, BP 106/68, SpO2 98% RA). His abdominal incision is dry and intact, steri-strips are in place. He has an 18G saline lok in his left arm which is intact as he is eating and drinking well. Bill is expected to be discharged later today.

Game focus:

This is a virtual simulation game focusing of the steps involved in completing a physical health assessment.

Suggested target audience:

Novice nursing students currently completing (or who have completed) courses related to health assessment.

Game Synopsis:

Nurse (player) completes a full head-to-toe physical assessment.

Additional Game Options:

Additional mini-games focus on the identification and response to abnormal neurological, respiratory and cardiac findings.

Additional Game Options: