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Beatrice has a history of hypertension (HTN), and Parkinson’s. She required increased support with activities of daily living (ADLs) and was admitted to the long-term care facility in 2020. Beatrice requires a 1-assist with personal care and pivot transfer to wheelchair, minced diet, set-up with meals and has no known allergies (NKA). She started coughing yesterday evening during supper for a few minutes while eating. No further intervention was required. Beatrice has a daughter Chloe who visits regularly. She slept on and off throughout the night but we noticed occasional coughing on rounds. She was sleeping when we last checked on her at 0630.

Vital signs taken at supper were T 36.9, P 82, RR 18, BP 139/89, SpO2 94% RA. She looked tired last night so maybe monitor the cough today.

Game focus:

This virtual simulation game focuses on the basics for the appropriate measurement of vital signs.

Suggested target audience:

Novice nursing students.

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