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S: Rose Senters, age 71 year old female.

B: She is a previously healthy woman who lives in a condo with her husband in Winnipeg, she has 2 kids and grandchildren who are supportive. She has a history of hypertension for which she is on medications and suffers from insomnia. She fell at her condo and states she slipped in some water on the kitchen floor and that she did not hit her head. She was on the floor for about 3 hours or so, her husband came home and called the ambulance.

A: She is alert and orientated to person, place and time. Her pupils are reactive to light and she has minimal pain at this time. Vital signs are normal, BP 98/75, P 85, RR 22, SPO2 98% on RA. Pulses are palpable, she has a bruise to her right knee and side of her leg. She says she is not in any pain at this time.

R: We should follow through with a complete pain assessment.

Game focus:

This virtual simulation game focuses on a comprehensive pain assessment followed by the development of a plan of care.

Suggested target audience:

Novice to advanced nursing students, graduate nurses, nursing students enrolled in a health assessment coures.

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