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Mr. Smith is a 65 year old male diagnosed with decompensated heart failure secondary to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Mr. Smith presented to the Emergency Department two days ago when he started experiencing heart palpitations in the afternoon. His chart also indicates he was feeling: intense fatigue, dyspnea, and swelling to both legs.

Mr. Smith indicates he is usually physical activity but for the past few months, he has not had the energy. He was assessed by his physician a few years ago who indicated his heart was ‘a little bigger than normal’ and was referred diagnostic testing was scheduled. Mr. Smith states due to his busy work schedule, he did not complete these tests and has not arranged another appointment with his family physician.

After assessment in the Emergency Department, Mr. Smith has been admitted to your unit by Cardiology but further assessment.

Game focus:

This virtual simulation involves a patient in cardiac arrest. The nurse must assess the patient and follow the cardiac arrest algorithm.

Suggested target audience:

Advanced nursing student, medical-surgical nursing, critical care nursing.

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