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You are a nursing student on a surgical unit. Your patient is Zara Jivraj, a 17-year old female. She weighs 45kg and lives at home with her parents and two siblings. She was admitted following complaints of diffuse, intermittent umbilical pain that increased over 48 hours. She has a penicillin allergy and regularly takes birth control pills (patient may use own) and Escitalopram 10mg PO daily for anxiety. Her last menstrual period was 1 week ago. Her last meal was a small supper last night.

Zara is now one-day post-op after an appendectomy (non-ruptured appendicitis). This morning, she had no nausea but is presenting with a low-grade fever. The previous nurse reported that she had morphine and acetaminophen/paracetamol at 0600h.

You have just completed your morning assessment and you are now in the medication room with your instructor.

Game synopsis:

This Virtual Simulation Game was created during a CAN-Sim Virtual Simulation Design Workshop in collaboration with nurse educators across North America. This medication administration game was designed to support learners with various medication calculation scenarios.

Suggested target audience:

Novice nursing students.

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