Case Summary Demetri Ivanivitch Is A 23-Year-Old Male (Pronouns He/Him) Migrant Worker From Belarus. He Was Informed By Public Health That He Tested Positive For COVID-10 After Screening By His Employer. He Was Put In Self-Isolation And Followed By Public Health In The Community. His Only Initial Symptom Was The Loss Of Taste And Smell.

Over The Course Of Three Days, The Patient Began Experiencing Increased Shortness Of Breath (SOB). He Called 911 And Was Brought To The ER For Assessment. He Was Intubated And Is Now Being Transferred To The Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Game synopsis:

This virtual simulation game focuses on the care of the critically ill client with exploration of special considerations for COVID-19 patients.

Suggested target audience:

Intermediate to advanced nursing students, graduate nurses.

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