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This simulation takes place in a long-term care facility. The learner (yourself) will be coming on shift and listening to the night shift handover report on your assigned resident. The resident, Mrs. Jonas, is an 87-year-old female, with a history of Parkinson’s Disease and hypertension, who normally ambulates independently using a wheeled walker.

During the night around 0500 Mrs. Jonas had attempted to get up to go to the bathroom but when she reached for her walker to stand up, it rolled away from her. She fell banging her right knee on the bedside table. Staff heard the fall from the desk and went immediately to investigate. They found her on the floor rubbing her knee and complaining of pain in her right knee area. She had also been incontinent of her bladder and was quite embarrassed.

Using a Hoyer lift, the nurse and health care aide transferred her to back into her bed to assess her. There were no lacerations or obvious deformities to the knee but the resident was complaining of 7/10 discomfort. Doctor Sanderson’s service was notified and he is coming to assess the patient in the morning.

Game synopsis:

This virtual simulation game reviews interprofessional communication.

Suggested target audience:

Novice nursing students.

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