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This scenario involves Mrs. Janelle Boisvert, a 27 year old post-partum female who delivered a full term infant 7 days ago via C-section. She arrived at the Emergency Department (ED) this afternoon with her husband as she has become increasingly unwell over the past 3 days.

She was hesitant to take any oral medications for her fever as she was breast feeding but has been too unwell to attempt breastfeeding over the past 12 hours. She appears lethargic, pale, diaphoretic, and experiencing increasingly severe abdominal pain.

Upon assessment, her incision appears red and swollen with a moderate amount of serosanguinous purulent drainage, and a small amount of foul-smelling vaginal drainage (PV loss). Assessed in the ED, she has been admitted to the medical-surgical unit with a severe post-operative wound infection requiring IV antibiotics and fluid replacement.

Her husband has gone home for the night to care for their newborn but plans to return in the morning.

Game synopsis:

This virtual simulation game focuses on critical assessment and interventions in an unresponsive patient.

Suggested target audience:

Nursing students enrolled in, or who have completed courses related to medical-surgical nursing, health assessment.

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