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Night Shift Nurse Report:

S: Mary Smith, age 64, Room 34.

B: She transferred to your unit last evening with a long history of diabetes mellitus type 2 that is not well-controlled, HTN, AFib. She recently developed a sacral ulcer Stage 1, resulting in greater difficulty managing her BGL. She lives alone in a bungalow and has a sedentary lifestyle. She was independent with all ADL’s prior to admission, ambulates independently without aides. Ms. Smith is divorced and has two adult children who live out of the province. She is complaining of dizziness, headache, and fatigue.

A: Her last blood glucose check reading last night at 2200 was 13.3. Vital signs at 2130: BP=131/89, HR=76, RR=19, T=36.9, 02 Sats 98% on RA.

R: The patient is currently sitting up in bed waiting for the breakfast tray to be delivered.

Game focus:

This virtual simulation game focuses on the assessment of a diabetic patient, identification of symptoms of hypoglycemia, and safe diabetic medication administration.

Suggested target audience:

Intermediate nursing students

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