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Filomena da Silva, a 65 year old was admitted to the medical unit from the nursing home with pneumonia (accompanied by delirium and dehydration) for IV antibiotic therapy 8 days ago. Due to the delirium she has been mainly bedridden. Past Hx-diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and a 18 pack-year smoker (quit 30 years ago). Delirium is resolving, pneumonia is improving; goals are physio for ambulation. Meds: Xarelto 10mg po daily,.Coversyl 8 mg po daily, metformin po 500 mg BID, ceftrizaone 1 g IV Q12H. Experiences sudden onset of left sided hemiparisis (arm and leg), garbled speech, facial drooping. VS 186/88 88 24 SaO2 94%.

Game synopsis:

This virtual simulation involves a 65-year-old patient admitted for pneumonia who experiences a sudden onset of left-sided hemiparesis, garbled speech, and facial droop. The learner must complete an appropriate nursing assessment and communicate assessment findings in a timely manner to the healthcare team.

Suggested target audience:

Nursing students enrolled in a medical-surgical course.

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