This is an introductory scenario for undergraduate nursing students who have been working to connect assessment findings with disease pathology, patient presentation, and potential complications. Participants in this scenario will have minimal to no experience with high-fidelity simulation, and this scenario will give each participant an introductory experience to a complex medical patient. This scenario involves a young adult male who is 8 weeks out from a skiing accident which has left him with a spinal cord injury (SCI) at the level of T1. This scenario takes place after a busy night shift in which the nurses have no been able to provide the usual standard of care, resulting in a very full bladder and the patient experiencing the medical emergency of autonomic dysreflexia. Participants will be expected to complete vital signs and a full head-to-toe assessment to determine what symptoms the patient is experiencing. Participants will then be expected to determine the root cause of the symptoms, contact the appropriate health care provider utilizing SBAR, and implement interventions.