Microaggressions Triangle Model

Six Step Approach

Differentiating Overt and Covert Racism

You will be presented with 5 scenes. After each scene, you will be asked to label the interaction as overt racism, covert racism (e.g. microaggression), or neither. Covert racism (including microaggression) may take many forms and are not always easy to recognize

Allie’s Story

Your name is Allie, and you are entering the 12th tutorial that is part of a year-long physiology course. The tutorial includes 12 students working in two groups with one instructor.

This virtual simulation module explores experiences of racism and (micro)aggression occurring in the classroom setting.

Clément’s Story

Clément Baptiste (pronouns he/him) is a health professions student who is Black, who has been asked to assess Mr. Schofield, a white patient. The patient is a stable trauma patient on a surgical unit one day post-admission. He has an IV infusing and is sitting up in a chair at the bedside when the student enters his room.

Faculty Development for Clinical Instructors

Bezenash’s Story

During a clinical placement at a community hospital, a student, Bezenash experiences incidents of racism and discrimination from an assigned nurse on the unit. These incidents were brought to the attention of the clinical instructor who needs to support the student and determine the most appropriate next steps.

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