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You are a student nurse working at Dunsmore Manor Personal Care Home (fictional care home). Today, Mr. Thurman is one of the residents in your assignment. Mr. Thurman has been a resident here for just over a year. He is an 86-year-old man with a long-standing history of hypertension (HTN), congestive heart failure (CHF), hypothyroidism, and dementia.

His hypertension is well controlled with medications. Mr. Thurman recently had a diuretic added to his medication list. Subsequently, his blood pressure has gradually decreased, and yesterday, Dr. Massey ordered that his metoprolol dosage be decreased from 25mg daily to 12.5 mg daily.

You have cared for Mr. Thurman many times, so you did not check the chart for new orders before you began your medication administration round.

After finishing your med rounds, and just as you are about to go on break, the Unit Clerk comes up to you.

Game focus:

This is a virtual simulation game focusing of the steps involved in completing a physical health assessment.

Suggested target audience:

Novice nursing students currently completing (or who have completed) courses related to health assessment.

Additional Game Options:

Additional mini-games focus on the identification and response to abnormal neurological, respiratory and cardiac findings.

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