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CAN-Sim is proud to provide access to our Virtual Simulation Games for Pre-simulation Preparation Series.

These short VSGs were developed by Ontario nurse educators which align with full in-person peer-reviewed scenarios. All resources can be accessed via the links below. French language games are in final development stages and will be available upon request.

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Featured Open-Access
Virtual Simulation Games

The following virtual simulation games are free to use without a membership

Developing Public Health Nursing Competencies Through Virtual Simulation Games

This series of VSGs aims to develop public health nursing competencies in community assessment, health promotion, and program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Essential Skills Training For Healthcare Workers

This series of VSGs aims to strengthen the capacity of graduating nursing students, new front-line nurses, nurses returning to work, and other healthcare workers to provide care during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) Nursing

The toolkit consists of five lessons, including four virtual simulation games of varying lengths, in a variety of settings, and across a range of professional expertise. Additional resources are housed on the website.

Vaccine Conversations

The toolkit consists of three bilingual virtual simulation modules, involving in a variety of practitioners regard vaccine hesitancy conversations Additional resources are housed on the website.

Wound Assessment and Management

This educational toolbox consists of four Virtual Simulation Games (VSGs), of varying lengths, in a variety of settings and across a range of wound types. The toolbox includes a virtual pre-quiz and post-quiz for users to assess their knowledge.

Addressing Culturally based Hidden bias and Racism (A CHARM)

This series of virtual simulation modules highlight frameworks and strategies for nursing students to use to address racism in clinical settings.

Responding to Racism in the Classroom and Clinical Settings

Addressing racism and microaggression within interprofessional teams.

Active Offer of French Language Services

Information for the implementation of best practices on the active offer in your clinical practice.

Below is a full listing of all the open-access virtual simulation games available through CAN-Sim. Click on any of the titles to learn more about the simulation, target audience, descriptions, etc.

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