The patient is a 67 year-old female on an orthopedic unit, post-op day 3 following right total hip athroplasty (RTHA).  Diagnosed postop day 2 with a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in her right calf.  A heparin protocol was initiated and is infusing well.

The patient has a medical history of a previous anterior myocardial infarction (MI) 12 months ago surgically treated with placement of two cardiac stents.  Vital signs have been stable over the night shifts.

Learners are expected to perform a baseline assessment and appropriately respond to abnormal assessment findings.

Game focus:

This virtual pre-simulation game focuses on relevant assessment and interventions when an inpatient experiences respiratory distress.

Suggested target audience:

Nursing students enrolled in, or having completed medical-surgical nursing course.

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