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A postpartum mother, Jackie Webster presents with 8 week old infant (Dana) for routine immunization and well-baby visit. The nurse completed the 2 month Rourke Baby Record.

The infant’s weight is noted to have dropped below the 50th percentile since the last clinic visit (4 weeks ago) where Dana’s weight plotted just above the 50th percentile. The only other remarkable physical finding included a slightly flat area noted over the occipital region of the skull. Developmental assessment was unremarkable. Baby appears fussy and crying in an infant stroller.

Dana’s mother Jackie, is a 35 year old female G1 P1 who had an unremarkable full term spontaneous vaginal delivery. She is married although her husband is currently deployed through his job with the Canadian Armed Forces. He has been deployed for the past 6 weeks. Her sister asked if she could attend the visit as a support.

Game focus:

This is a virtual simulation game focusing of the maternal assessment portion during an 8 week well-baby checkup.

Suggested target audience:

Nursing students currently completing (or who have completed) courses related to topics such as maternal-child nursing, health assessment, or mental health (optional).

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