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Marcel is a 20-year-old male (pronouns he/him) meeting with the community mental health nurse during an initial online appointment. With Marcel’s consent, his mother, Jean, initiated this meeting to discuss what resources are available to support her son in the community. You are the mental health nurse and need to conduct the assessment.

Marcel has become increasingly withdrawn at school during the past semester and subsequently was required to withdraw from the program. Over the past month, his mood and behaviour have significantly changed, including evidence of aggression and paranoia. Marcel was assessed by the family physician two weeks who indicated Marcel might be experiencing symptoms consistent with schizophrenia. Marcel refuses to take any prescribed medications. He agreed to speak with the community mental health nurse today after his mother threatened to evict him from the family home due to his behaviour and treatment refusal.

Game synopsis:

This virtual simulation involves a virtual mental health assessment of a young adult experiencing mental health issues. The nurse conducts an assessment to identify symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Suggested target audience:

Nursing students enrolled in a psychiatric nursing course, NP students.

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