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Annie is the parent of Joseph, a 16-year old (not present). Annie has concerns and hesitancy about a scheduled vaccine (COVID-19) for Joseph. He has a past medical history (genetic) and underwent a kidney transplant at age 10. He is stable but will require lifelong immunosuppression. As Joseph has a complex medical history, Annie is a strong advocate for Joseph and is very involved in all healthcare decisions.

HCP Background: Sam has been actively involved in pandemic care for two years. He has volunteered beyond his usual work in COVID Vaccine Clinics and has cancelled many weekend plans to continue to give care. Sam is aware of many friends of friends or friends family members who have died from COVID. Sam has been very involved with Joseph’s care for the past 5 years and has seen him grow up and coordinated his care with the support of Joseph’s family over the years.

Game synopsis:

This virtual simulation game explores a stressful interaction between a HCP and a parent of a teenage patient who is refusing to immunize her immunosuppressed child. The learner explores effective communication strategies and methods of debriefing following the interaction.

Suggested target audience:

Nursing, nursing students, physicians, medical students, pharmacists, pharmacy student.

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