The Simulated Patient Network (SPN)

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The SPN aims to provide individuals interested in simulated patient (SP) practice with a network to share with and from each other. SPs are individuals trained to portray real patients. SPs contribute to health professional education in many ways. There is a spectrum of SP practices that are expanding. The SPN aims to connect SPs, educators, students, clinicians and others through this website.

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A peer-reviewed, open-access journal that promotes educational scholarship and dissemination of teaching and assessment resources in the health professions. Find simulation scenarios, escape room scenarios, SP cases, team-based learning, problem-based learning curricula, and more.

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ICU-IS-SIM is The Alfred ICU’s In Situ Simulation programme, coordinated by Dr Chris Nickson. Each week we aim to involved at least 10-20 staff members as active participants in our in situ simulation sessions. This is typically performed within the unit, using real equipment, with team members performing their usual roles.

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Escape Rooms in Medical Simulation: Downloadable Sepsis Scenario

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Have you ever tried an Escape Room? How about an Escape Room of Medical Simulation? Human factors such as effects of teamwork, tasks, equipment, workspace, culture and organization are increasingly being shown to affect patient outcomes.

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A guide for the assessment of clinical competence using simulation

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The idea behind the creation of this guide emanated from workshops and collegial discussions between health science educators within the Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group. Through our engagements it became evident that whilst clinical simulation practices are rapidly gaining traction in health professional education, not everyone is equally capacitated to make full use of this powerful and exciting teaching, learning and assessment methodology.

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Augmented Reality Integrated Simulation Education (ARISE)

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The ARISE project merges the concepts of simulation with augmented reality and game-based situated learning theory within 150 scenarios for healthcare students. Media augments reality with rich video, pictures, and sounds. Each simulation starts with a video of a live nurse report as would occur during shift-to-shift report, followed by a video introduction to a live simulated patient.

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Practical Clinical Skills

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Practical Clinical Skills provides training and reference guides. Our simulation-based lessons cover heart sounds, murmurs, lung sounds, carotid bruit, blood pressure measurement and EKG training. The quick reference guides are a timely information source at the point of care.

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Top Ten Adult Nursing Situations for High-Fidelity Simulation

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The objective in developing the top 10 situations in adult nursing for high-fidelity simulation was to highlight the most important complex clinical events for baccalaureate nursing students to experience before entering practice, regardless of where they choose to work.

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